Colored Crochet Egg: Easy Pattern Ideas to Make for Next Easter

Crochet Chic Mira


This crochet pattern is basic and provides suggestions to create more complex designs. . 


Colorful Easter Eggs Pattern

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If you want to tackle something a little bit more difficult but well worth the effort, give these thread crochet Easter eggs a try.

Thread Crochet Easter Eggs Pattern

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These are perfect for dressing up your DIY Easter tree, or even a single branch, with bright colors.  


Tiny Easter Egg Ornament Pattern

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It has soft stuffed arms and legs to make a neat little toy. Make it any color; even your scrap yarns can be put to good use.

Little Monster Easter Egg Pattern

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These examples have been strung onto a garland for easy wrapping around the tree. 


Easter Egg Bunting Pattern

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Embrace all the colors of Easter to create this beautiful crochet blanket. It's terrific for babies and children, especially when made in spring colors.

Easter Egg Afghan Pattern

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Your baby's first Easter pictures will be unforgettable when he or she is wrapped up in this adorable Easter egg cocoon.  


Easter Egg Baby Cocoon Pattern

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