Crochet Easter: Easy pattern ideas for inspiration

Crochet Chic Mira


Any child would be thrilled to play with this lovable, huggable crochet Easter bunny. 


Easter Bunny Toy Pattern

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These little Easter buddies are perfect to include in this year's baskets. You'll find two patterns rolled into one: the mini bunny and a boy bunny.

Mini Bunny and Boy Pattern

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They do double-duty because you can give these away as Easter gifts, or you can arrange them in a bowl for decoration. 


Amigurumi Easter Eggs Pattern

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Keep all of your Easter eggs safe (not to mention super cute) when you wrap them up in egg cozies.

Easter Egg Cozie Pattern

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The baby crochet set is perfect for Easter photos as well as any activities that baby will attend this year.


Baby Easter Outfit Pattern

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Use up your scraps of yarn to make these double crochet animals. These colorful stuffed birds are large enough to hug.

Colorful Easter Chick Pattern

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You could also put candies or other small items in the egg cup if you want to use this bunny as an Easter gift.  


Easter Bunny Egg Cup Pattern

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