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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYWhite Shirt: Professional gives tips to create more current looks

White Shirt: Professional gives tips to create more current looks

In the old days, the white shirt was an exclusively social garment and a symbol of seriousness. 

However, fashion has evolved and today it is quite democratic, appearing in different looks

Style consultant Sophia Marins shares tips for incorporating the model into your everyday life. Follow the article!

How to dress well in a white shirt?

According to Marins, “the white shirt is very democratic, because it goes with everything. 

In addition to being timeless, the piece can be used at any time of the year and does not depend on trends”. Check out the expert’s tips for wearing the piece without fear:

Evaluate the dress code of your work environment

White Shirt-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


“If it’s more formal, it’s recommended to wear it with tailored pants and a blazer. On the foot, you can wear nude or black pumps, with a larger bag. 

As for more casual work, a white shirt goes very well with straight-cut, dark-wash jeans, preferably,” said the consultant.

Bet on a minimalist style

White Shirt-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Karol Miranda

According to Marins, “on a day-to-day basis, wearing the shirt with straight, light-wash jeans is a minimalist option. 

There are several ways to compose the look: leaving the shirt closed and inside the pants or open with a third piece under that shirt. In summer, you can even wear it with a knot, turning it into a cropped model”.

Wear the piece as a dress

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

One Barros

“If your white shirt is oversized, it is feasible to wear it as a dress, just put some comfortable jean shorts underneath and your dress is ready. It is also possible to combine with a belt. 

This type of look is more casual, so ask for accessories from this niche, such as an eco bag, crossbody bag, flats or sneakers, ”she commented.

Turn the shirt into a crop top

White Shirt-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Rebecca D.

For cropped lovers, just “tie the ends of the shirt at the waist. That way, you can wear the piece with jeans, tailored pants, linen shorts or a satin skirt, ”she says. The cropped option is more democratic, as it opens up an even wider range of possibilities.

Wear an open shirt with shorts

White Shirt-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


If you prefer different and current proposals, “the open white shirt with cycling shorts and a crop top is a bet. In this look, you can wear sneakers with a more streetwear feel, like Nike’s Dunk. However, it is possible to use even with boots”, he concluded.

Despite the more formal touch, the white shirt transitions easily into other environments, because “depending on how you wear it, with other pieces and accessories, the look will be more informal”, he concludes.

30 white shirt photos to fit the piece into your style

You already know that the white shirt can run away from social and exclusive looks for work. 

So how about checking it out in practice? Below, see some inspirations and appreciate the versatility of the piece:

1. The white shirt with midi skirt takes on a social look

White Shirt-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Nicolette Manson

2. Still, the vibe is the same with dark wash denim shorts

White Shirt-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Maria Turiel Soler

3. Get ready for work in tights and flats

White Shirt-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Adriana Alfaro

4. The look with an open shirt is also worth mentioning

White Shirt-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Jennifer Atilémile

5. And what do you think about wearing a white shirt under overalls?

White Shirt-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Ju Romano

6. This total white is full of charm.

White Shirt-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Cindy Pineda

7. And the white shirt accompanied by leather pieces too

White Shirt-012
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Ana Cristina Ribeiro

8. Throw a button-up coat over your white shirt

White Shirt-013
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Jessica Sabadine

9. Add a romantic touch to the look with puffy sleeves

White Shirt-014
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Camila D’Avila

10. And don’t forget high-waisted pants for a classic look

White Shirt-015
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Kamila Kim

11. The oversized white shirt looks great as a dress

White Shirt-016
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Jill Wallace

12. And you can wear a vest over it

White Shirt-017
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Carly Guisness

13. Don’t forget the short shorts underneath

White Shirt-018
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Lore Souza

14. Include the birken to complete the look

White Shirt-019
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Fernanda Guimaraes

15. The white shirt also goes well with long skirts

White Shirt-020
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Anna Krukowska

16. And it looks amazing with a more social-sports touch

White Shirt-021
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


17. Would you risk wearing a white shirt over a dress?

White Shirt-022
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Cynthia Pastor

18. When in doubt, she looks beautiful with leggings

White Shirt-023
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Gabriela Zukeram

19. The printed models also deserve your attention

White Shirt-024
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Nina Gabriella

20. Tie a knot in the longest white shirt and make it tighter

White Shirt-025
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Nai Corso

21. Throw a light coat over it

White Shirt-026
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Nanna Fernandes

22. Or a white one accompanied by high boots

White Shirt-027
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


23. The combination with jeans makes the look more casual

White Shirt-028
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Terezinha Alencar

24. Just like throwing a white shirt over a crop top

White Shirt-029
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

camila nunes

25. This look here is very sporty

White Shirt-030
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Mariana Cyrne

26. This one is the face of that pool party

White Shirt-031
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


27. Because the white shirt is great for being a beach cover-up

White Shirt-032
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Dora Figueiredo

28. Be it long-sleeved and oversized

White Shirt-033
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


29. Or with the sleeve slightly rolled up and the right size

White Shirt-034
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest


30. The white shirt is a success in all its versions

White Shirt-035
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Thais Dutra Sa

Do you already know which of the suggestions above match your style? Save the inspirations you liked and already select the pieces from your wardrobe that match the white shirt.

Did you like this amazing tip? If yes, share it with your friends and on your social networks. Leave your comment below and your suggestions.

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