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How to Remove White Spot from Toenail with Homemade Tips!

I often hear my friends complain that their nails have a white spot. Therefore, our blog sought information directly from specialists about the causes of these stains, as well as how we can remove them.

White spots on nails can be a big nuisance and in rare cases, they represent some kind of disease.

Why does the toenail get a white spot?

Toenails are more likely to have some kind of white stain, due to friction with closed shoes. However, these spots can also appear on the fingernails.

In this sense, friction on the nails, as well as leaving enamel on the toenails for a long time, can leave whitish spots on them. 

According to information written on the Folha/Uol website, in June 2021, another cause could be a reaction to some type of medication.

How about learning more about this subject in a clear and simple way, and solving this problem once and for all? Let’s follow us?

What to do when the nail looks like this? When to seek medical help?

A good moisturizer applied daily to the nails can help in cases of white spots caused by trauma.

In rare cases, they can point to a health problem, especially when no attempt to remove them has any effect. 

Likewise, there are superficial mycoses that leave this type of stain on the nails. If the white spot lasts longer than 3 (three months), a period in which a nail is renewed, seek a doctor for a diagnostic evaluation.

What is good for getting this kind of nail stain out?

tip 1

What will you need:

  • Nail and cuticle scraper;
  • Cuticle remover;
  • Water;
  • Strengthening base.

Step by step

  1. Apply a keratin-based cuticle remover to the nail with the white spot and then spray water;
  2. Immediately, with a cuticle scraper, begin to scrape the stain area gently;
  3. Finish by applying a strengthening foundation with keratin and collagen. 

tip 2

Write down the items:

  • drying oil;
  • 4 sided polishing pad.

Do the following:

  1. Pass the drying oil over the nail with the white spot;
  2. Start by sanding the part of the nail with the stain, using side 1 of the file;
  3. Then apply drying oil again and sand again;
  4. Finally, use the remaining sides of the file, one side at a time and on each stained nail.

Extra tips to avoid white spots

Do not exceed more than 10 days with nail polish. Especially on toenails, we tend to forget about nail polish for days on end. Finally, our tip is to do this sandpaper procedure only 1 (once) a month. Otherwise, the nail is too thin.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these tips. Oh! Be sure to share this post with your friends. They can thank you for getting any white spots out of their nails. A big hug, see you later!

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